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Our job is to make sure your home is safe for you and your family. Even experienced builders can have unexpected issues occur during construction. Whether it’s the builder’s or a subcontractor’s error, if caught early enough, you can avoid costly repairs or even worse, having to destroy already constructed areas of your new home.

Ideally, you would want to have any home under construction inspected before drywall is in place and again after the building is complete. A new construction inspection allows your home inspector to review areas of the home before they are hidden from view.

Home under construction

We offer:

Foundation Inspections

The foundation walls will be inspected for structural integrity and any kind of cracking before it gets backfilled. This is important because a foundation inspection allows you to know that your home is built on solid ground.

Pre-drywall Inspections

Before the walls are in place, and wiring, posts, studs, plumbing, trusses, and any other important structural items are still visible, a pre-drywall inspection allows for a thorough inspection of these soon-to-be hidden areas. Any necessary repairs can be performed before drywall is applied saving you time and money.

Final inspections

This stage is a look at all the structural components that are visible and unfinished areas in the basement or attic. The fit and finish for all the cosmetic items in the houseware are also looked at.

11-month inspections

– 11-month inspections give the buyer one last opportunity to have their home reviewed by an independent inspector and have the findings submitted for review by the builder before the warranty expires. Each phase of the build process is unique and comes with its own set of unique challenges and defects to look for.

Don’t go it alone. The builders have people that represent them and you should too!

Why Get an Inspection

Get peace of mind with a home inspection New Home Inspections are different and address items that are not covered in a regular home inspection. Our specially-trained new construction inspectors evaluate your home according to the Construction Performance Guidelines We also provide guidance in working with builders and the warranty program to help get issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

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