Aerial Drone Roof Inspection

Using a drone to help inspect the roof and property can be a great asset to the inspection when we determine that a roof is unsafe to inspect on foot.

This service allows our customers to have complete reassurance the home has been fully inspected.

We will use an Aerial Drone to fly above the property and collect high-resolution images.
These images allow us to thoroughly search the roof for defects, age, and overall condition.

Benefits of a Drone

  • Drones minimize the obvious dangers and health risks
  • Collection of in-depth and higher detail data
  • Reassurance the whole home has been inspected
  • Ability to inspect difficult to reach and hazardous areas


Why Get an Inspection

A home inspection is important for the buyer. An inspection will help you decide if a home is right for you, and avoid homes that have substantial and costly defects.

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